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Analysis and processing of form data – when interacting with the Site, You may fill out different types of contact forms, and whenever You do so, we will use the data provided for the purpose related to your submission of the form, according to the description contained on the Site, and to communicate with You about your contact.

Submission of messages – we may use your data to communicate with You regarding products, services, special sales, news, updates, events, and other matters that may be of your interest.

Supervising ways of using the Site – we use cookies and other technologies for supervising and for automated data collection on our Site, particularly to be able to collect statistical data on the use of our Site, enable the interface between third party services and our Site, and to remember your preferences and settings, understand your behaviors and interests, and target our marketing campaigns. Learn more about the use of these technologies in item 3 of this Notice. Learn more about the use of such technologies in item 3 of this Notice. 

Compliance with legal obligations – When making the Site available to You, Neoway is subject to certain legal obligations, including the collection and retention of access logs and activities on the Site.


Neoway uses only the Personal Data necessary for its legitimate purposes:

Contact Details – name, last name, telephone number, email, the company you represent, industry, position, company revenue, business objectives, and the content of your messages.

Automated Collection Data – data about your interactions, such as your browsing, the pages and content you access and create, your searches and other actions; data about your device, such as the operating system, language, and your location (if You authorize); data related to the performance of campaigns, including impressions, clicks, and costs per click. The access logs described below are also collected automatically.

Access Logs – in compliance with the applicable law, we collect and retain all access logs generated by your interaction with the Site for the period determined by law, including the IP numbers, date and time. 

Data from Social Media and Other Platforms – When you contact us through the contact forms of RD Station, Facebook Lead Ads or LinkedIn Lead Ads, we can collect your name, last name, email, phone number, company, industry, position, average company revenue in one year, business objectives, and content of your message from those platforms. In addition, we may also interact with other platforms, such as RD Station and Google Analytics, which can provide us with information about You so we can analyze your interests and data through such apps and cross-check that information with performance evaluations of marketing campaigns that we have launched, by analyzing, for instance, clicks, cost-per-click, location, the type of your device, and your gender and age, if You have provided them. In that case, we will respect your privacy settings and ask for authorization to collect such data, whenever necessary.


What are these technologies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your browser or device. Other technologies, such as tags or pixels, may be inserted as visual elements on our Site and contain pieces of code that are used for collecting data about your interaction with the Site. These technologies (all of which referred to as “cookies” herein, to facilitate understanding) allow certain features to be implemented on our Site and help us to better understand how You use and browse through our Site. Cookies usually have an expiration date. Some cookies are automatically deleted when You close your browser (called session cookies), while others may stay on your device for a longer period until they are manually deleted (called persistent cookies).

Neoway is not responsible for the use of cookies by third parties. Please be aware that third-party cookies may continue to monitor your online activities even after You have left our Site, which is why we recommend that You clear your browsing data on a regular basis.

How can you remove or block cookies?

If you want to know which cookies have been installed on your device, or if you want to delete or restrict them, use your browser settings. You will find further explanations on how to proceed by clicking on the links below. To find information related to other browsers, you should visit the browser’s developer website. 


• Chrome

• Safari

• Internet Explorer

Remember that the use of cookies allows us to offer You a better experience on our Site. If you block cookies on the Site or decide not to allow some of them to operate, we cannot ensure the correct operation of all the Site’s functionality, and you may not be able to access certain areas of our products and services. In addition, certain functions and pages may not work properly.


The data related to your interaction with the Site will not be shared with anyone and will not be used in our products.

However, Neoway may conduct the shared use of some of your personal data with suppliers and partners hired to provide support to the company’s activities, such as system suppliers, data processing structures, and other service providers. To learn more, please see the information contained in our Data Processing Policy shown below.


If you still have any questions about how Neoway uses your data, what your rights are as a data subject or any other questions related to personal data, please access our Data Processing Policy or contact us at

Last update date: 07/20/2020.



A Neoway é a maior empresa da América Latina de Big Data Analytics e Inteligência Artificial para negócios. Fundada em 2002, em Florianópolis, lançou a sua plataforma SaaS em 2012, e, hoje, está presente em todo o Brasil.

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